23/5/1915 Van is finally relieved

The siege of Van is over. The Turkish besiegers fled from outside the eastern Anatolian town as Russian troops approached. Advance Russian forces arrived a few days ago. Now at last Van sees the arrival of the main Russian force, which has a large contingent of Armenian volunteers. The town is now re-victualled.

Aram Manukian, leader of the Armenians in Van, greets the Russians. The Russian force is led by General Andranik (himself an Armenian). He appoints Manukian governor of the city and the surrounding area.
Van province has been blasted by war and ethnic violence. Many of the Armenians outside the town have been killed or driven to flight by the Ottoman authorities. Now the Kurds and Turks suffer a similar fate from the Armenian irregular forces. Within Van the Armenians have already killed or driven away their Muslim neighbours.

image source:

General Andranik with some of the defenders of Van (Wikipedia)

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