11/5/1915 South West Africa’s capital falls to South Africa

German forces are still holding out in Kamerun, South West Africa and German East Africa, but in South West Africa it looks like they will not be holding out for much longer. South African forces are advancing into the colony from the south while further north they have also been pushing inland from Walvis Bay (a South African enclave). Louis Botha, South Africa’s prime minister, is personally commanding the northern force. Not too long ago he was leading resistance to Britain in the Second Boer War. Now he leads his countrymen against Britain’s enemies, partly because he wants to establish South African control over South West Africa.

Today Windhoek, South West Africa’s capital falls to Botha without a fight. Germany’s vast colony is effectively cut in two.

image sources:

map (from On the Rand: a website devoted to the history of early South African mining related postcards, tokens & medals)

South Africa officers and captured German flag (Wikipedia)

2 thoughts on “11/5/1915 South West Africa’s capital falls to South Africa

  1. What a coincidence. I happened to be reading about the surrender in Adam Cruise’s book ‘Louis Botha’s War: The campaign in German South-West Africa, 1914-1915′ today. I’ll be reviewing the book on my blog in about 2 months’ time. Another which deals with the topic – my review will be out in June – is Tim Couzens ‘The Great Silence’. As usual, thanks for remembering to include Africa in your postings.


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