8/5/1915 Gallipoli: another bloody repulse for the Allies

In Gallipoli the Allies have been trying to push north from their enclave on the southern tip of the peninsula. The village of Krithia is the immediate target, with the hope being that if it falls the Turks will collapse and run away. The Allies have the advantage of their naval artillery and of troops who are supposedly better equipped and trained than the enemy, but the terrain favours the defenders and the Turks are not inclined to give ground. The Allies make little or no progress and suffer terrible casualties.

Now General Hamilton calls off the offensive. So many of his men have been killed or wounded that he fears for their ability to defend the Allies’ enclave. He sends word to Lord Kitchener, the war minister, that he will need another four divisions before he can launch another attempt at taking Krithia. He is promised one.

image source (Australian Light Horse Studies Centre)

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