8/5/1915 Ypres: another German assault

The Battle of Frezenberg Ridge
Meanwhile at Ypres the Germans launch another attack, hoping this time finally break through and take the town itself. The German high command has not committed its reserves to Ypres, but they still outnumber the defenders three to one.

Things go well for the Germans at first, as they successfully punch a hole in the Allied line. But the attack runs out of steam in the face of tenacious resistance from the British and Canadians. German gains are modest and Ypres itself remains out of their reach.

image sources:

map (Nick Hedges on Flickr)

painting (Birth of a Regiment: Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry)

3 thoughts on “8/5/1915 Ypres: another German assault

  1. I am an historical fiction author who would like to use this painting image on the cover of a WW1 novel I am writing. Can you tell me the copyright status, owner of this image please. Who painted the painting?


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