6/5/1915 Gallipoli: attempting a breakout

The Allied landings in Gallipoli have not gone as well as expected. At Anzac Cove the Australians and New Zealander have barely got off the beach and are now completely hemmed in. Further south at the tip of the peninsula the Allies have done a bit better, linking up their beachheads and pushing north a couple of miles.

The time is now deemed right for a further push up from the southern end of Gallipoli. A combined Allied force of British, French, Australian and New Zealander troops advances on a broad front, hoping to overwhelm the Turkish defenders and take the village of Krithia.

But the attackers are unable to break through, suffering terrible casualties for minor gains. Nevertheless, the British commanders order the attacks to continue, in the hope that continued pressure will break the Turks.

image source (Wikipedia)

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