April 1915

Turkish persecution of Armenians intensifies, Van rises in revolt. Italy agrees to enter the war. Germany’s first poison gas attack on the Western Front. Allied landings on Gallipoli go badly wrong.

1/4/1915 The first fighter pilot claims his prey

12/4/1915 Mesopotamia: Turkey strikes back

13/4/1915 Confused fighting near Basra

14/3/1915 Shaiba: a hard fought victory for the British

16/4/1915 Turkish persecution of Armenians intensifies, the town of Van rises in revolt

17/4/1915 Ypres: Britain seizes the high ground

18/4/1915 Roland Garros shot down

20/4/1915 [Anatolia] The siege of Van intensifies

21/4/1915 Ypres: the British hold Hill 60

21/4/1915 Italy moves ever closer to war

22/4/1915 Chlorine death: Germany attacks at Ypres

22/4/1915 Germany warns against travel on the Lusitania

23/4/1915 Ypres: the victims

24/4/1915 Red Sunday: the Armenian community in Constantinople is decapitated

24/4/1915 Ypres: Germany renews the offensive

25/4/1915 Gallipoli: the Allies land but run into problems

26/4/1915 The Treaty of London: Italy agrees to join the Allies

27/4/1915 Gallipoli: bloody stalemate

28/4/1915 Van: Russian help is despatched

29/4/1915 Gurin: Germany invades Nigeria

image source (Mental Floss)

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