[interlude] “The Water Diviner”

Readers may be interested in making a trip to the cinema to see this Russell Crowe film before it disappears from the big screen. The story of an Australian father travelling to Gallipoli to search for the bodies of his dead sons might strike a cynic as sentimental hokum, but the film communicates well the horrors of war, particularly that particular bit of the First World War, as well as the human cost borne by those it leaves behind. Unlike some other war films, it looks over the hill at the Turkish soldiers who also fought and died at Gallipoli.

The film is mostly set after the First World War, when parts of Turkey were under Allied occupation and Greece was trying to expand into western Anatolia from the shores of the Aegean. One could criticise the film for its very pro-Turkish depiction of these events but it is still a vivid portrait of a chaotic time. Anyone seeing the film will also find themselves thinking about a trip to Istanbul and Turkey generally.

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