27/4/1915 Gallipoli: bloody stalemate

At the southern tip of the Gallipoli peninsula British and French forces manage to link up their beach heads and try to push north. They are blocked a few miles from the beaches and can make no further progress.
Further north it is the Turks who are attacking. Kemal is throwing every man he has against ANZAC Cove, hoping to drive the Australians and New Zealanders into the sea. The fighting is brutal and the ANZACs come close to collapse, but with the support of naval guns they are able to hold off the Turks.

Even if the beachheads are now secure, the prospect of a quick Allied victory now seems remote. The landings were made to put Turkish shore batteries out of action, allowing British and French warships to sail through the Dardanelles and on to Constantinople. But the Allies underestimated the tenacity of Turkish resistance. Gallipoli looks like becoming a long, grinding battle of attrition.

image sources:

Southern sector (Wikipedia)

Turkish attack on Anzac Cove (Australian Light Horse Studies Centre)

Mustafa Kemal and other Turkish soldiers

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