26/4/1915 The Treaty of London: Italy agrees to join the Allies

Italy’s leaders have been negotiating with the Allies on the terms of its entry into the war. These negotiations finally bear fruit. In London, representatives of Italy, France, Russia and the United Kingdom sign an agreement. Italy will enter the war within 30 days in return for territorial gains at the war’s end. The Trentino and Alto Adige (or South Tyrol) regions will go to Italy, as will the port of Trieste and territories around it. These areas all have some Italian-speaking people living there, though there are also many German speakers and Slavs.

Italy will also receive territories along the Dalmatian coast, though not as much as its leaders would like. The port of Fiume is to remain in Austro-Hungarian hands, while Russia has insisted that southern Dalmatia be granted to its Serbian or Montenegrin allies after the war.

Italy is also to gain the port of Vlorë in Albania and a protectorate over the rest of the country (currently in a state of some disorder). Vaguer promises are made about Italy getting its share of Germany’s African and Asian colonies after the war’s end.

The terms of the agreement are to remain a secret.

image source (The Great War: Italy)

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