24/4/1915 Red Sunday: the Armenian community in Constantinople is decapitated

The triumvirate who rule the Ottoman Empire are increasingly determined to sort out their Armenian minority once and for all. To make it harder for the Armenians to resist the plans they have for them, the Young Turks resolve to first eliminate the community’s leaders. Mehmet Talaat, the Minister for the Interior, orders that leading members of Constantinople’s Armenian community be arrested and removed from the capital. Today, Sunday, the Turkish authorities swoop in Constantinople, arresting some 250 Armenian clergymen, politicians and members of the intelligentsia. They are just the first: more are to be seized over the next few days.

The Armenian prisoners are to be sent away into the Anatolian interior and beyond to Syria. Talaat’s orders are vague as to the prisoners’ ultimate fate, but very few will ever be seen alive again.
Some of the victims
1st row: Krikor Zohrab, Daniel Varoujan, Rupen Zartarian, Ardashes Harutunian & Siamanto;
2nd row: Ruben Sevak, Dikran Chökürian, Diran Kelekian, Tlgadintsi & Erukhan.

image source

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