March 1915

British and French offensives fail on the Western Front. Britain sinks the last German warship at large on the high seas. Austria-Hungary suffers more reverses in Galicia. The Allies start carving up the still undefeated Ottoman Empire but fail to smash through the Dardanelles. Italy drifts towards war.

2/3/1915 Germany and Britain exchange wounded prisoners

4/3/1915 The return of Sergei Sazonov

10/3/1915 Neuve Chapelle: Britain attacks

12/3/1915 Britain replies to Sazonov

13/3/1915 Neuve Chapelle: French calls a halt

14/3/1915 The very short naval battle of Más a Tierra

14/3/1915 France wants its share of the Turkish spoils

17/3/1915 [Western Front] Joffre halts the Champagne Offensive

18/3/1915 The Allies carve up Turkey

18/3/1915 [Gallipoli] The Allies attempt to force the Straits

18/3/1915 Dreadnought v. U-boat

19/3/1915 [Eastern Front] The Austro-Hungarians attempt a break-out from besieged Przemysl

22/3/1915 [Galicia] The Fall of Przemysl

23/3/1915 Singapore: mutineers executed

26/3/1915 [Eastern Front] Russia takes Lupkow Pass through the Carpathians

27/3/1915 Italy’s appetites incline it towards war

28/3/1915 Leon Thrasher’s last journey

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