19/3/1915 [Eastern Front] The Austro-Hungarians attempt a break-out from besieged Przemysl

In Galicia, the siege of Przemysl continues. The Austro-Hungarian defenders have been holding out in the fortress city since November. They have tied down large numbers of Russian troops and blunted the enemy’s attempt to invade the Hungarian lands beyond the Carpathians. But the situation in Przemysl is becoming increasingly desperate. The defenders are running out of food. The Russians continue to blast the town with their artillery while their infantry gradually capture the Przemysl’s outer fortifications. Przemysl cannot hold out for much longer.

The Austro-Hungarians have been attacking in the Carpathians. They have made some progress but not enough: there is no prospect of their breaking through and relieving Przemysl. In the besieged city, General Kusmanek is informed that it will not be possible to raise the siege. Rather than surrender, Kusmanek orders his men to attack, hoping that they can break through the Russian lines and march to link up with the main Austro-Hungarian army.
But the sortie fails. The Russians hold the line. The Austro-Hungarians are unable to escape. They are trapped in Przemysl and must accept their fate there.

Image sources

Russians attack (Wikipedia)

Austro-Hungarians attack (Wikipedia)

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