15/2/1915 Mutiny in Singapore

The response to the Turkish Sultan’s call for a Holy War against the Allied powers has been disappointing. Egyptians and Muslim Indian troops in the British army did not turn on the Infidel when Turkish forces recently attacked the Suez Canal. On the other hand, the bizarre episode of the Ice Cream Jihad in Australia’s Broken Hill suggests that there are those who will heed the Caliph’s call to arms.

In Singapore a Muslim unit of the Indian army is preparing to be transferred to Hong Kong to replace another regiment there. However, rumours circulate among the Indians that they will actually be sent to the Western Front or perhaps to fight against the Turks, their fellow Muslims. Agitators supporting an armed uprising against British rule in India seem also to be influencing the soldiers. Today they revolt against their British masters, killing two British officers who try to restore order.

There are few loyal troops in Singapore. The mutineers fan out, seizing arms and ammunition and killing British officers and civilians. They attack a barracks where German nationals are being interned, including some of the crew the Emden. The mutineers try to recruit the Germans to their cause, but they refuse to join them.

Some British and Malay troops are able to block the mutineers from advancing into downtown Singapore. The British also send wireless messages requesting help from any Allied ships nearby.

image source (Goodreads)

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