[interlude] “Pals – the Irish at Gallipoli”

Readers living in or near Dublin might be interested in paying a visit to the National Museum in Collins Barracks. There is an exhibition on there about Irish participation in the First World War, but also there is an event called Pals – the Irish at Gallipoli, presented by Anu Productions. I have not yet seen this myself but it appears to be an interesting mix of exhibition and immersive theatre, dealing with the experience of a battalion of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers recruited from among the rugby clubs of this city.

One of the less brilliant ideas the British army had in the First World War was to let people join up and form units with their friends and neighbours, known as Pals’ Battalions. This was seen as good for morale and esprit de corps etc., but if that unit was heavily involved in fighting then their community at home would be devastated. In this case the rugby playing pals took part in the Gallipoli campaign of 1915 (soon to be covered here), with seemingly grim consequences.

I hope to see this presentation soon. It runs until the 30th of April, Wednesday to Sunday, with performances on the hour through the day. For more information, click here.

image source (Anu Productions)

See also:

Recovered voices; the Stories of the Irish at War, 1914-15 (National Museum of Ireland)

WW1 Ireland 1914-1918 (National Library of Ireland)

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