3/2/1915 Avenging Franz Ferdinand

Remember Franz Ferdinand? The assassination of the Habsburg Archduke lit the fuse that set the world alight. The Austro-Hungarians had hoped to punish Serbia for that country’s part in Franz Ferdinand’s murder. However their army has suffered a series of humiliating reverses in its attempted invasions of Serbia.

The people more directly involved in the Archduke’s murder were arrested immediately afterwards and are unable to escape retribution. Gavrilo Princip fired the fatal shot, but he is too young to be executed. So is Nedjelko Chabrinovitch, who threw a bomb at the Archduke’s carriage. Others are old enough to face the full rigours of the law, notably Danilo Ilitch, Veljko Chubrilovitch and Mihaijlo Jovanovitch. Ilitch was the main organiser in Sarajevo of the plot to kill Franz Ferdinand. Jovanovitch had helped to bring the murder weapons from Serbia. Chubrilovitch was armed with a gun and a bomb on the day of the Archduke’s death but failed to act.

Ilitch had broken under interrogation and provided considerable information on the plot to the Austro-Hungarians. His cooperation avails him naught and today he is hanged in Sarajevo, as are Chubrilovitch and Jovanovitch.

Franz Ferdinand assassination image source (Guardian)

Danilo Ilitch image source (Wikipedia)

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