2/2/1915 Icy death in the Carpathians

Winter is not an ideal time for military operations but the war goes on. In the Carpathians, Austria-Hungary’s Conrad has ordered a winter offensive in the mountains. He wants his men to seize the key passes across the Carpathians and then press on to raise the siege of Przemysl and recover Galicia.
Both sides are plugging away at each other in the mountains but neither is making much progress. The harsh weather makes offensive operations difficult. The cold is often more of a danger to the soldiers than the enemy, with many succumbing to frostbite or exposure. The Austro-Hungarians seem particularly ill-prepared for the demands of winter campaigning. Conrad dismisses complaints about the difficulties of mountain warfare and the lack of proper equipment as malingering. He orders the attacks to continue.

image sources (History Net)

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