22/1/1915 Kamerun: German resistance continues

While war wages in Europe, Allied forces are trying to overrun Germany’s possession in Africa. In Kamerun, the British have bottled up a German force on the Mora mountain, in the far north of the country. The Germans are desperately short of supplies and are on short rations. Today they slaughter the last of their cattle; their rations are cut still further.

It is the dry season. As well as having to endure hunger, the Germans are also suffering from thirst, as Allied gunfire is making it difficult to retrieve water from the few water sources on the mountain. But Major Ernst von Raben, the German commander, is determined to continue the resistance.

Mora is not the only centre of German resistance. French and British troops have overrun the coast and parts of the interior, but German forces are still operating in the centre of the country. The Germans here have expanded their numbers by recruiting many native soldiers.

image sources

map (WW1 Centennial on mental_floss)

Ernst von Raben (Wikipedia)

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