18/1/1915 [East Africa] Lettow-Vorbeck wins another battle

German East Africa still holds out against the British. Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck is commanding the German forces in the colony, mainly Askaris (locally recruited troops), with officers from Germany. In November Lettow-Vorbeck’s men defeated an amphibious assault on the key port of Tanga. In so doing they captured considerable quantities of supplies from the enemy.

To the north of the German colony is British East Africa. British forces have occupied the German border town of Jassin. A small garrison of mainly Indian troops has been left there. Lettow-Vorbeck fears that Jassin will become a base for an overland attack on Tanga. To prevent this, he decides to recapture the town.

After a short, sharp battle the British surrender. Lettow-Vorbeck has won another victory. Unfortunately he has also suffered a number of casualties and used up much of his ammunition. The British have effectively limitless reserves of men and materiel to throw at Lettow-Vorbeck; he has no way of recruiting new German officers and can only replenish his stocks of ammunition and materiel by seizing them from his enemies. He cannot afford to keep fighting battles like this, even if they result in victories.

East Africa map (Wikipedia)

Battle of Jassin map (Wikipedia)

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