9/12/1914 Austria strikes back against Russia

Things are once more going badly for the Austro-Hungarians in Serbia. But this is not the only front on which they are fighting. Their chief of staff, General Conrad, has ordered an offensive in the Carpathian Mountains against the Russians. Conrad had hoped that the German offensives in Poland would have drawn Russian forces away, but with their great reserves of manpower, the Russians still have plenty of soldiers in place to face the Austro-Hungarians. Nevertheless, Conrad orders the offensive to continue, as he hopes to win a great victory or at the very least push the enemy back from the mountain passes leading to the Hungarian plain.

Now in heavy fighting the Austro-Hungarian and Russian armies are battering each other near the Galician town of Limanowa. The war here is still mobile, with the two armies manoeuvring, attacking and retreating, each attempting to surround or outflank the other. But the combatants are also having to fight increasingly against the snow and the cold of winter as much as each other.

image source (Wikipedia)

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