11/11/1914 Ypres: Kindermord

The Germans are still attacking at Ypres. Yesterday they tried to hit break through the French holding positions on the northern and southern flanks of the Allied line. Today they try to smash through the British in the centre. The result is the same, attacks repelled with thousands killed and injured. Many of the German university students who gamely joined up at the start of the war are now dead. This slaughter in Germany will become known as the Kindermord, the massacre of the innocents.

But for British and French the situation is desperate. The German assaults and artillery bombardments are wreaking a heavy toll and the defenders are close to collapse. The cumulative casualties suffered by the smaller British force are such that their army is close to annihilation. To the British it seems that the Germans have a bottomless well of manpower to draw from.

Enthusiastic German students image source (De Eerste Wereldoorlog 1914 – 1918 (The First World War 1914-1918))

Attacking Germans image source (a painting by Fritz Grotemeyer, from German History in Documents and Images)

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