9/11/1914 [Galicia] Przemysl besieged once more

The failure of the German invasion of Poland in October has left the Austro-Hungarian fortress town of Przemysl vulnerable to renewed Russian attack. The mobile army of Boroevic withdraws to avoid being enveloped, leaving Kusmanek’s garrison to face the Russians on their own. The civilian population of Przemysl are ordered out of the town, to conserve food stocks for the soldiers.

Now the Russians are back. Under the command of General Andrei Selivanov they lay siege to Przemysl. Unlike his predecessor in the first siege, Selivanov does not plan to waste his soldiers’ lives in frontal assaults. Instead he plans to starve out the defenders. He also sends for heavy artillery to blast away the Austro-Hungarians’ will to resist.

image source (Wikipedia)

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