31/10/1914 Baulked at the Yser, Germany takes the high ground at Ypres

Since the Belgians opened the sluice gates on the 27th, the flood waters by the river Yser have been rising. Now at last the water level forces the Germans to halt their attacks on the Belgians. The battle of the Yser is over. The Belgians have held their end of the line.

Further south, Germany’s Falkenhayn continues to fling his men at the mainly British defenders of Ypres. Today, at great cost, they achieve an important victory. They manage to take the village of Messines, to the south of Ypres, and hold it against desperate counter-attacks. Messines is on a ridge over looking Ypres. From there they can pour artillery fire down on the British.

Yser floods image source (Wikipedia)

Ypres image source (Wikipedia)

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