21/10/1914 Ypres: the carnage continues

The German attacks on Ypres continue, with the British doing their best to hang on despite the enemy’s massive numerical advantage. And the British are not alone, as they have French forces anchoring their northern flank.

In some ways this is almost like the kind of battle seen in colonial warfare, with the Germans trying to break the British by assaults of massed infantry. The defending British are inflicting ruinous casualties with machine guns, field artillery and their fast and accurate rifle fire. The Germans are suffering almost as the Zulus did at Rorke’s Drift or the Dervishes at Omdurman.

But the British are suffering too. German rifle fire and artillery is thinning out the British ranks. Germany’s Falkenhayn knows that his men are being lacerated at Ypres, but he has more men to fling into the battle. He hopes that he will be able to keep feeding the guns when the British have no one left to hold their line.

image source (from Lightbobs, a website devoted to the Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry)

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