19/10/1914 [Ypres] In the path of the Juggernaut

British commanders had thought their forces east of Ypres were advancing into a gap between German armies. But yesterday afternoon they began to encounter German patrols and picket lines. Now with the aid of aerial reconnaissance, the British discover the terrible truth. They are greatly outnumbered by a massive German army that is advancing towards them. The British abandon their plan for further advances and immediately assume what defensive positions they can.

Germany’s Falkenhayn is sending every man he can spare to take part in the attack on Ypres. Once the British here have been defeated his men can drive on to the Channel ports. He hopes this will be the decisive battle that will end the war.

The initial German assault pushes the British out of the village of Passchendaele. They also begin to try and turn the flanks of the outnumbered British. Ypres is now at the centre of a salient, under attack from north, south and east.

image source (Wikipedia)

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