September 1914

France saved. Austria fail. Masurian Lakes. The gobbling up of Germany’s colonies. The Race to the Sea and the Western Front’s stabilisation.

2/9/1914 Japanese forces prepare to attack Tsingtao
2/9/1914 The French government flees Paris
3/9/1914 [Galicia] The Russians seize Lemberg
3/9/1914 [Western Front] The French spot an opportunity
4/9/1914 Cheeky Serbia invades Bosnia-Herzegovina
5/9/1914 [Western Front] Sir John French agrees to help the French
6/9/1914 [Western Front] Kluck turns right
7/9/1914 [East Prussia] The Germans turn on Rennenkampf
8/9/1914 [Battle of the Marne] The Allies launch their counter-attack
8/9/1914 Austria has another go at invading Serbia
9/9/1914 The Belgians sortie from Antwerp
9/9/1914 [Battle of the Marne] The Germans retreat, averting disaster but losing the war
9/9/1914 The Austrians suffer another reverse in Serbia
10/9/1914 [Pacific] Admiral Spee’s strange situation
11/9/1914 [Masurian Lakes] The Russians decide that discretion is the better part of valour
11/9/1914 [New Guinea] Australia attacks New Pomerania
11/9/1914 [Galicia] Conrad orders an Austrian retreat
12/9/1914 [Western Front] The Germans hold the line along the Aisne
13/9/1914 [Western Front] The Belgians return to Antwerp
13/9/1914 [Masurian Lakes] The Russians flee from East Prussia
14/9/1914 Moltke is pushed aside; Falkanhayn takes command
14/9/1914 [Western Front] The Germans and French start trying to outflank each other
15/9/1914 [Balkan Front] The Austrians expel the Serbian army from Bosnia
17/9/1914 [Galicia] The Austrians make a stand at Przemysl
21/9/2014 [New Pomerania] German resistance comes to an end
22/9/1914 [North Sea] Death from below
22/9/1914 [Western Front] The Germans and French clash in Picardy
22/9/1914 [Düsseldorf] Attempted death from above
22/9/1914 [Pacific] Spee attacks Tahiti
24/9/1914 Australia rolls over German New Guinea
24/9/1914 [Galicia] Russia begins the siege of Przemysl
25/9/1914 South West Africa: German forces repel an invasion
25/9/1914 [Western Front] The Battle of Albert begins
26/9/1914 The French and Germans keep trying to outflank each other
27/9/1914 German Kamerun’s capital falls to the Allies
28/9/1914 [Western Front] The Germans set their sights on Antwerp
30/9/1914 [Eastern Front] Germany bails out Austria

1914 Dramatis Personae

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