June and July 1914 timeline

Franz Ferdinand assassinated. Europe slides towards war.

26/6/1914 Franz Ferdinand goes to the market
28/6/1914 Sarajevo: the assassins strike
28/6/1914 Austrian reactions
28/6/1914 Europe reacts
29/6/1914 War fever in Vienna
30/6/1914 Franz Josef is cautious
30/6/1914 Arms for Serbia!
30/6/1914 The Kaiser receives an annoying message
1/7/1914 Can Tisza be persuaded?
1/7/1914 Sarajevo: a bird begins to sing
2/7/1914 Berchtold has good news and bad
2/7/1914 Princip confesses
3/7/1914 Franz Ferdinand’s shabby funeral
3/7/1914 Great Britain in crisis!
4/7/1914 Count Hoyos takes the train
5/7/1914 Lunch with the Kaiser
5/7/1914 Danilo Ilitch can talk some more
5/7/1914 Russia warns Austria-Hungary to leave Serbia alone
6/7/1914 Germany writes Austria a blank cheque
7/7/1914 Count Tisza’s rearguard action
8/7/1914 Austria-Hungary must wait
9/7/1914 Franz Josef and Berchtold discuss ultimatum terms
10/7/1914 Italy makes Austria-Hungary an offer
10/7/1914 Sensational events in Belgrade
12/7/1914 Frenzy in Belgrade, impatience in Berlin
13/7/1914 A Serbian haircut
13/7/1914 Vienna: dossiers and plans
14/7/1914 Tisza acquiesces, Conrad goes on holiday
15/7/1914 Panic selling in Budapest and Vienna
15/7/1914 Lützow reveals Berchtold’s plan to the British ambassador
16/7/1914 De Bunsen reports on Austro-Hungarian plans
16/7/1914 Poincaré and Viviani depart for St. Petersburg
17/7/1914 Lloyd George sees no cause for concern
17/7/1914 The Russians deduce the timing of Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum
17/7/1914 Berchtold and De Bunsen have a friendly conversation
17/7/1914 Serbia is somewhat conciliatory
18/7/1914 De Bunsen is convinced of Austria’s pacific intentions
18/7/1914 Sazonov and Szapáry’s strange conversation
19/7/1914 Vienna prepares for war
20/7/1914 Poincaré begins his state visit to Russia
20/7/1914 Berchtold sends the ultimatum to his embassy in Belgrade
21/7/1914 Poincaré meets the ambassadors
21/7/1914 Berchtold is not entirely truthful
21/7/1914 Sazonov issues a warning
22/7/1914 Poincaré and Sazonov receive disturbing reports from Rome
22/7/1914 Conrad returns from his holiday, Berchtold sends a copy of his telegram to Berlin
23/7/1914 Sazonov’s warning goes unheeded
23/7/1914 Sazonov tries again to warn Austria-Hungary to leave Serbia alone
23/7/1914 The ultimatum is served on the Serbians
23/7/1914 News of the ultimatum arrives in Russia
24/7/1914 Sazonov: “C’est la guerre européenne”
24/7/1914 London reacts to the crisis
24/7/1914 “Then Russia will make war on Austria”
25/7/1914 Bethmann Hollweg plays down the crisis
25/7/1914 The British foreign secretary goes fishing
25/7/1914 Germany urges Austria-Hungary to present the world with a fait accompli
25/7/1914 The Russians spring into action
25/7/1914 Serbia rejects the ultimatum
25/7/1914 German socialists demonstrate against war
26/7/1914 Britain concentrates its fleet
26/7/1914 Austria-Hungary prepares for war — Austro-Hungarian style!
26/7/1914 While the Russian army assembles, Sazonov has friendly conversations
27/7/1914 London fears war. Civil war
27/7/1914 Tsar Nicholas tries to help
27/7/1914 “You have cooked this broth, now you will eat it”
28/7/1914 The Kaiser reads Serbia’s reply to the ultimatum, sees no further need for war
28/7/1914 Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia
28/7/1914 The Kaiser is furious with Bethmann Hollweg and the Austrians
28/7/1914 Sensational developments in Paris
28/7/1914 Russian preparations for war continue
28/7/1914 German socialists continue to demonstrate against war
28/7/1914 The Kaiser and the Tsar exchange telegrams
29/7/1914 Poincaré and Viviani finally return home
29/7/1914 Bethmann Hollweg tries to give diplomacy a chance
29/7/1914 Austria-Hungary shells Belgrade
29/7/1914 The Russians lose faith in the Germans
29/7/1914 Bethmann Hollweg gives the game away
29/7/1914 The Tsar orders general mobilisation, then orders it halted
30/7/1914 The Tsar upsets the Kaiser
30/7/1914 Moltke and Bethmann Hollweg confuse the Austrians
30/7/1914 The Tsar orders general mobilisation again, for real this time
31/7/1914 Panic selling across Europe
31/7/1914 Austria-Hungary decides on general mobilisation, but not yet
31/7/1914 Britain asks about Belgium
31/7/1914 Germany prepares to mobilise and issues and ultimatum
31/7/1914 Yet more sensational events in Paris

See also: 1914 Dramatis Personae

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