August 1914 timeline

The last days of peace. Everyone declares war. Belgium invaded. The Battles of the Frontiers. Austria fail. Tannenberg. The Goeben and Breslau run east.

1/8/1914 France mobilises
1/8/1914 Britain makes Germany an astonishing offer
1/8/1914 Germany sends a declaration of war to Russia and begins mobilisation
1/8/1914 Germany’s declaration of war is served on the Russia
2/8/1914 Germany secures Luxembourg
2/8/1914 Diplomatic reverses for Germany
2/8/1914 Britain will defend Belgium and the French coast
2/8/1914 Germany demands right of passage through Belgium
3/8/1914 Belgium rejects Germany’s ultimatum
3/8/1914 Grey wins over the House of Commons
3/8/1914 Germany declares war on France
3/8/1914 War comes to the Mediterranean
4/8/1914 The German invasion of Belgium runs into problems
4/8/1914 France: l’Union Sacrée
4/8/1914 War unites Germany
4/8/1914 The Goeben and Breslau turn east
4/8/1914 Germany rejects Britain’s ultimatum
5/8/1914 Admiral Souchon’s big decision
6/8/1914 The war spreads beyond Europe
6/8/1914 The Goeben and Breslau break out
7/8/1914 The Goeben and Breslau elude their pursuers
7/8/1914 Britain’s first shot
7/8/1914 The Belgians continue to resist at Liège
8/8/1914 France captures Mulhouse
8/8/1914 Liège: the noose tightens and the war turns ugly
9/8/1914 The Goeben and Breslau replenish their coal stocks
10/8/1914 Austria-Hungary begins the invasion of Serbia
10/8/1914 The Goeben and Breslau are welcomed into Constantinople
11/8/1914 The Germans recapture Mulhouse
12/8/1914 Austro-Hungarian heavy artillery opens fire on Liège
13/8/1914 The Germans and Austrians pound the Belgians at Liège
14/8/1914 The French advance into Lorraine
14/8/1914 Meanwhile in East Prussia…
15/8/1914 The Austrians and Serbians clash on Mount Cer
16/8/1914 The Serbians smash the Austro-Hungarians at Mount Cer
16/8/1914 The last Belgian fort at Liège falls
17/8/1914 The Russians advance into East Prussia
19/9/1914 The French capture Mulhouse again
20/8/1914 Gumbinnen: a Russian victory in East Prussia
20/8/1914 The defeated Austrians retreat to Bosnia
20/8/1914 The Germans bring the French offensive in Lorraine to a bloody halt
21/8/1914 East Prussia: fatal decisions
22/8/1914 East Prussia: the Germans prepare to strike back
22/8/1914 The French lose 27,000 killed in one day
23/8/1914 Japan declares war on Germany
23/8/1914 Austrian forces invade Poland
23/8/1914 The unstoppable Teutonic juggernaut rolls through Belgium
24/8/1914 [East Prussia] Samsonov marches to his doom
24/8/1914 The Germans recapture Mulhouse again, the French and British retreat
25/8/1914 [Western Front] Joffre sends forces west
25/8/1914 [Africa] Britain invades Kamerun
25/8/1914 [Western Front] The Sack of Louvain
26/8/1914 German resistance in Togoland comes to an end
26/8/1914 The Austrians come unstuck in eastern Galicia
26/8/1914 [Western Front] The British make another stand at Le Cateau
26/8/1914 [Eastern Front] The Germans launch their counterstroke in East Prussia
28/8/1914 [North Sea] The British and German navies clash at Heligoland Bight
29/8/1914 [Western Front] The French counter-attack at Guise
30/8/1914 [East Prussia] The Germans destroy Samsonov’s army
30/8/1914 New Zealand gobbles up German Samoa

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