17/9/1914 [Galicia] The Austrians make a stand at Przemysl

A curious pattern has emerged in the East. The fighting in East Prussia has shown that the Germans can easily defeat the Russians. But in Galicia, the Russians have been able to inflict a series of defeats on the Austro-Hungarians. Now the Russians are advancing towards the Carpathian passes and threatening to invade the Hungarian heartland.

Austria-Hungary has no option but to beg its German allies for help. But will assistance arrive in time? In the meantime, Conrad must resort to desperate measures to hold off the Russians. In the path of the Russians is the fortress city of Przemysl, with a garrison of 100,000 troops under Hermann Kusmanek von Burgneustädten. Rather than retreat these men to safety, Conrad orders the Kusmanek. The Austrian chief of staff knows that the Russians will not be able to press their assault into the Carpathians while Przemysl remains in Austro-Hungarian hands. Przemysl must hold out to the bitter end.

Kusmanek prepares to do his duty and to try and restore the honour of Austro-Hungarian arms. And today the Russians appear in the vicinity of Przemysl and begin preparations for a siege.

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