1916 Who’s Who

People are listed alphabetically by surname or equivalent (underlined), with their rank and a description of who they are when they first appear in 1916.

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. Wife of Tsar Nicholas; the Tsarina.
General Fenton Aylmer. Junior British commander in Mesopotamia.
Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg. Chancellor of Germany.
Aristide Briand. Prime Minister of France.
General Luigi Cadorna. Italian commander in chief.
Nedjelko Chabrinovitch. One of the assassins of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
James Connolly. Irish socialist, leader of the Irish Citizen Army.
Colonel Winston Churchill. Disgraced British former minister.
General Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf. Chief of staff of the Austro-Hungarian army.
Ahmed Djemal (or Cemal). Mayor of Constantinople and Turkish Minister of the Navy.
Ismail Enver. Turkish war minister.
General Erich von Falkenhayn. Chief of staff of the German army.
General Joseph Gallieni. French war minister.
James Gerard. US ambassador to Germany.
General Wilhelm Colmar von der Goltz. German commander of Turkish forces in Mesopotamia.
General George Gorringe. British junior commander in Mesopotamia.
Habibullah Khan. King of Afghanistan.
General Halil Pasha. Turkish commander in Mesopotamia.
General Douglas Haig. Commander of British forces on the Western Front.
Werner von Hentig. German diplomat, co-leader of mission to Afghanistan.
Sharif Hussein bin Ali. Emir of Mecca and ruler of the Hejaz.
General Joseph Joffre. Commander of the French army.
Colonel Mustafa Kemal. Junior Turkish commander at Gallipoli.
General Konstantin Schmidt von Knobelsdorf. German chief of staff at Verdun.
Colonel Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck. Commander of German forces in German East Africa.
General Otto Liman von Sanders. German commander of Turkish forces at Gallipoli.
Eoin MacNeill. Chief of Staff of the Irish Volunteers.
General John Maxwell. British military governor of Ireland.
Nicholas II. Emperor of Russia; the Tsar.
Oskar von Niedermayer. German adventurer, co-leader of mission to Afghanistan.
King Nikola. King of Montenegro.
Colonel Nuri Killigil (AKA Nuri Bey & Nuri Pasha). Turkish adviser with the Senussi.
Patrick Pearse (also known as Pádraig Mac Piarais or Padraig Pearse). Irish leader of the Easter Rebellion.
General Philippe Pétain. French commander at Verdun.
Gavrilo Princip. Assassin of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
Grigori Rasputin. Russian holy man, spiritual adviser to the Tsarina.
John Redmond. Leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party.
Admiral Reinhard Scheer. Commander of the German High Seas Fleet.
Commander Geoffrey Spicer-Simpson. Commander of British naval forces on Lake Tanganyika.
General Jan Christiaan Smuts. South African commander of British Empire forces in East Africa.
Boris Stürmer. Prime Minister of Russia.
General Charles Townshend. Commander of British forces in Kut.
Crown Prince Wilhelm of Prussia. Son and heir of the Kaiser, commander of German forces at Verdun.
Wilhelm II. King of Prussia, Emperor of Germany; the Kaiser.
General Nikolai Yudenich. Russian commander in the Caucasus.

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The Valiant and the Damned (The Upcoming)